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At The Years End

Welcome once again to another blog entry from yours truly. It’s that dodgy period of time that nobody seems to have a proper name for, that week of emptiness between Xmas and New Years where nobody is quite sure what’s going on.
It’s a good time of year though, as the football schedule ramps right up and we get games nearly every day. The players may not like playing so many games close together but for the fans it’s great to see, especially if your team wins a game! And thankfully my beloved Hammers notched up a very important victory on Boxing Day away to Fulham. It was the first away win for the team since the start of last season, and gave us a much-needed boost in the busy Xmas schedule. Tuesday the team weren’t as lucky, managing only a draw with Everton in a game we quite clearly could have won. So West Ham are still bottom of the league as January draws near, changes need to be made and victories are needed if the club are to perform a great escape. Sticking with sport we also…

Standouts of The Year

The year is quickly coming to an end, so I thought I would get another blog in, this time going over some highlights of the year. You know, things like album, movie of the year, that sort of thing. Obviously my choices are not the ultimate be all and end all, I’ve not seen everything, it’s purely a personal choice for you to glance over!
So I’ll start with music, and the album that’s really done it for me this year has to be the “solo” effort from Slash. By no means is he the greatest guitarist around, but he gets the job done, and on this album he’s brought in a few friends to make sure of it! Rock staples such as Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper and Ian Astbury of the Cult have all added their voices to tracks on the album. There are a couple of surprises though, Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge lends his voice to two tracks, and is now Slash’s touring vocalist, and Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas) shows her rock credentials on the track Beautiful Dangerous. It’s one of the b…

Tis The Season To Be Sick

Hello one and all, welcome to yet another blog from yours truly. I got a few things to mention this time including 3 xmas events, my sporting loves and how I’m feeling!
So we’ll start with a sob story, I’ve been in bed for the past 3 days sick as a parrot. A chesty cough, sneezing all over the shop, and getting very little sleep, so I’m in great shape at the moment! I’m also off work because of it right now, hoping to back on Wednesday as I am slowly on the mend.
As everyone is aware it’s nearly Christmas time, and with that comes Xmas parties and events either with friends or through work. I’ve been lucky enough to attend 3 over the past week or so, the first of which was with some of my old colleagues from c2c in Southend. It was good to see some old faces again, considering it had been this time last year that I’d previously seen many of them! Although it didn’t start too well as first thing one person said to me was that I’d put on weight! That’s the way to win people over! The do w…