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A Simple Take On The Lockout

The NFL is currently in a state of limbo, things are extremely uncertain at the moment and neither the fans, players nor even the team owners know fully what is going on and what the future holds. First a bit of a back story, and then I’ve tried to collate what info I could find and put it simply for people like myself to understand!
In order for the NFL to keep going, it has a set of terms and conditions that is agreed between the NFL Team Owners, the NFL and the Players Union (NFLPA) called the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This determines how the league is run, what the salary cap for teams is, benefits for players either injured or retired, how many games there are in a season, and so much more. So understandably, this agreement has to be extremely detailed and set in stone fir the league to work, and the latest one expired earlier this month. The NFL, Owners and NFLPA were in negotiations right up until the last minute, and even after a 7 day extension still a deal could not be…