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Draft Day Decisions

And so to my second sports related blog in fairly quick succession and this one is focused on the NFL and the current goings on there!
To start with, a note on the CBA, it’s still not been agreed! However a court has granted an injunction to lift the lockout, which means the players can return to team facilities again. There are so many different bits about the injunction though, and I won’t claim to know how it all works. But from what I understand the league year will start next week and the NFL will seemingly run on the 2010 rules. The draft was affected in the sense that players could not be traded for picks, a pick could only be traded for another pick (not necessarily the same year though). With that I would have thought trades would be less frequent in this draft, but as I’ll note later it didn’t stop the teams from shifting picks around.
I’ll admit I hadn’t seen much of the 2011 Draft Prospects before the first round of the draft took place last night, but I’ll detail some of t…

The Playoffs Are Here!

Hello there one and all, it’s about time I caught up with a few things going on in the world of sports, so what follows will be two blogs in fairly quick succession! The second will be about the NFL, but first up is a catch up on the NBA Playoffs!
The first round of the 2011 NBA playoffs is coming to a close already, with 16 teams going down to just 8 for the Conference Semi Finals. Over in the West the Oklahoma Thunder have seen off the Denver Nuggets, Dallas have beaten Portland, and the Lakers sent the Hornets home to all get one step closer to the finals. The only first round series undecided yet is between the 1 seed San Antonio Spurs and 8 seed Memphis Grizzlies, where the underdogs are winning 3-2 overall! The East though are all set for the semis, with my Chicago Bulls beating the Indiana Pacers to set up a series against the Atlanta Hawks (who saw off the Orlando Magic), and the Boston Celtics will take on the Miami Heat after the teams beat the New York Knicks and Philadelphi…

Deceptively Optimistic

It’s that time once again for me to focus a blog on my beloved West Ham United. It’s been a while since I’ve ranted about the team, so I thought that with the time left in the season dwindling away it was prime time to bring them up again!
Being a West Ham fan isn’t easy, it never has been! The team will lift you up to the highest heights, and then drop you right back down to earth with a huge bump, then bring you right back up again, and so on! And generally there are more lows than highs, and this season follows that pattern! Recently there was a huge high around the club, after victories against Burnley (FA Cup), Liverpool and Stoke (Premiership). But the return to earth happened shortly after with a loss to Stoke in the FA Cup after playing a quite poor game of football.
A massive draw away to Tottenham then came our way, which raised hopes a little bit, however since then the team have played without passion and collapsed at home to Man Utd and away to Bolton. The league tells you…

Much Needed Time Off

Blog time once again, and this one will enlighten you as to how I’ve spent my recent 12 days away from work, which to be honest have been fantastic! It was just a shame that it all had to end and I had to come back to work this past Monday.
My leave officially started after working an early shift on Tuesday 29th March, and it started by going to Wembley for my first full team England game. I’ve been to Wembley a few times before, but those were for NFL games, so I was quite excited to be finally seeing the full England team for the first time. The game was England vs. Ghana, and to be honest it was a bit of a second string England team on the night. However that didn’t detract from the atmosphere there, as it was absolutely electric. The game didn’t disappoint either, as it was end to end, and the Ghanaians put up one hell of a fight. It finished 1-1, and that was a fair result when all was said and done. Really enjoyable experience and one that I will be keen to replicate in the futu…

A Wonderful Distillery Experience

I had typed this blog entry out on my phone during my train journey home from Scotland yesterday, however due to technical issues it failed to upload and I lost the whole thing! So here is a second attempt at writing why I have had a fantastic weekend!

First a bit of background, and regular readers would know that I am a member of a whisky-based social networking website called Well recently they held a random draw of members to attend a special event they were putting on at the Glengoyne Distillery just outside of Glasgow, and I was one of the lucky names drawn out of the hat. So after a bit of consideration I invited my other half Gemma so that we could make a bit of a weekend of it, and this past Friday we made our way up on the train. After a total of 5 or 6 hours of journey time we reached the hotel, called the Kirkhouse Inn located just outside Milngavie near Glasgow, and we both were pleasantly surprised. The place was very high quality, and considering we only pa…