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The Final Conference

The NBA Playoffs are still moving onwards, and since I last waffled on about it a lot of things have changed!

I’ll start with the Western Conference, and last time I looked the San Antonio Spurs were about to be dropped out of the first round by the Memphis Grizzlies. Well the Spurs are usually a solid team and one that would perform well in the post-season; however they did fall by the wayside and were dropped out of the playoffs in spectacular fashion! Another team that I thought would do the business and make their way into the finals were the Los Angeles Lakers. However that idea couldn’t have been more wrong, as they were unceremoniously swept aside in 4 games by the Dallas Mavericks in the Conference Semi Finals!

Of course that put the Mavericks through to the Western Conference Finals, and their opponents are the Oklahoma City Thunder, who have gone past the Denver Nuggets and Memphis Grizzlies in their playoff run. The series is currently tied at 1 game each, with the 3rd game…

Down In The Dumps

So that’s it, my beloved West Ham United have been condemned to at least a season in the Championship after being relegated from the Premiership this past weekend. It’s not as though we didn’t see it coming though, results this season have been shockingly poor, and most of the team have played poorly throughout the year. But no matter how predictable the end result was, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.
It has been a disaster from start to finish, with the team giving us false hope at times with decent cup runs and some huge victories against teams like Tottenham and Liverpool. However it was the way the team repeatedly collapsed midway through games that led to our downfall, the sheer stupidity and bloody-mindedness of the tactics and player selection didn’t help either. The fans of this wonderful club had high hopes when the ownership hassle was finally resolved over a season ago, but since then mistakes have been made on many counts, no more so than with the appointment, …