Monday, 13 June 2011

Another Railsports Success?

It’s been a while since I last sat down and gave a blog a serious bit of thought, so as a weekend away with work has just come to an end I reckoned it would be an ideal time to unleash one. Now at the moment there is a lot going on in my head, however this blog will be the usual sport/whisky ramble that you have surely become accustomed to by now!

First up I’ll talk about the weekend just gone, and a trip to Blackpool for an event known as Railsports. Every year the various Rail companies through the country put together and attend a set of sports games in Blackpool. Sports involved include football, netball, chess, cricket, rounders, table tennis and darts. My sport of choice for the past two years has been darts, and last year I was actually quite successful! Going in with no expectations I surprised myself and a few others by getting to the final of the singles tournament, so this year my hopes were high of either repeating that or maybe even going one step better. However that was not to be, after topping my qualification group with 3 wins (2-1, 2-0, 2-0) I choked in the quarter finals. I was able to keep playing though, as this year I had a doubles partner, and together we were able to get to the final of that competition. It was a close game, but eventually we lost, walking away with a silver medal. Now this gave me my second silver medal in as many years, I just hope that next year I can buck the trend and maybe, just maybe bring home the gold!

After that eventful day, we travelled home yesterday and I was hoping to catch the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix. Well I had no fear of missing it, getting home well before the pre-race show began at 5pm. I feel I have to mention the race as after sitting through what ended up as over 5 hours of television I could not have been more pleased with the result! The rain in Canada was horrendous, and after a safety car start the race got “red-flagged” and was essentially put on hold until the weather improved, which it did 2 hours later! The race started again under the safety car, and a bucket load of incidents occurred throughout, including aquaplaning, punctures, drive through penalties and spins. After the penultimate safety car incident, a certain Jenson Button was right at the back of the pack; however thanks to an excellent and inspired tyre change and some of the best driving we’ve seen in a long time, he made his way forward through the other racers. With less than 3 laps to go Button was in 2nd place and closing in on the leader fast! Vettel showed the world that he can be taken under pressure, as he made a mistake on the final lap, allowing Button to pass him and win the race! It was an outstanding race, and the end was well worth the wait we had to put up with until then!

Before all of that, there was the small matter of having a couple of days off from work! The main event during those days off was making my way to the ITV studios near Waterloo with my brother Stephen and his friends Jack & Phil to watch QI being recorded. Now I love the show, and think it’s fantastically entertaining every time, so watching it live got me quite excited! A lot of editing must be done to the show to ensure it goes out for just half hour or so, as we sat there watching Stephen Fry and the panel go through a seamless 90-odd minute show! It was mostly hilarious, although I must say I was a tiny bit disappointed with Lee Mack on there. A great experience though, and I would recommend going to a recording if you ever get the chance!

And finally, a brand new bottle of whisky was delivered to my house this morning, one that I ordered just a short while ago, and that was only released at the start of this month. It’s called Ardbeg Alligator, and there is a bit of a story to the name. It’s mainly down to the charring of the wood used to make the casks in which the spirit ages. The wood is charred to such a degree that it resembles the skin of an alligator, and that affects the taste and characteristics of the malt placed inside it! Looking forward to sampling it that’s for sure!

That’s about it from me this time, the NFL is still at a stand, the NBA has just seen new champions crowned (Dallas Mavericks) and West Ham are in the process of clearing out some rubbish and bringing in new guys under the tutelage of the new gaffer Sam Allardyce. There’s plenty more going on, but that’s all I will give you for now! Thank you for reading!

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