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From Parents & The Lockout, To A Pure Festival

Hello one and all, time once again for some varied ramblings from yours truly!To start with, I'll almost follow on from my last blog. Anyone who read that knows that i spoke about my dad a fair bit, well sticking with the whole parent thing its the turn of my mum this time. Now i won't go too soppy as i know she reads these blogs from time to time and i don't want to embarrass her!Anyway, this past Sunday was her birthday, and to celebrate the family treated her (and ourselves) to a buffet lunch at the local Indian restaurant. Needless to say everyone got their moneys worth, and it was a struggle walking home for the lot of us! My brother Stephen put in some extra effort as well by buying a cake and having it at the restaurant ready for our visit. Credit where its due on that one, it was a great surprise that mum clearly enjoyed! I've got her a present, but due to release dates she's not got it yet, and thanks to that she's pretty much figured out what it is!No…

Fatherly Times

Hello one and all, time again for another blog from yours truly!I don't say much about my old man on here, but thought that i would change that today. You see today is the old boys birthday, and myself and my brothers have just spent the weekend with him celebrating it. Saturday saw me, Ben and dad head to the local Bingo hall for some games, not the most extravagant of nights but it was good fun for all. It helped that both my dad and me walked away winners of course! Sunday we went to Southend to see my other brother Stephen and we spent the rainy day along the seafront playing prize bingo and sticking money in the 2p slider machines! Oh and we treated dad to a birthday dinner as well! Simple pleasures but we all had a good day and it helped clear a few heads after recent weeks.I don't say it much, but i have a lot of respect for my dad, he is very technically minded and i would love to be able to do some of the things he does. My ability to make, build or fix things is shoc…

A Catch Up!

I’ve become quite slack lately with these blogs, so I will make an effort to get them back on track and fill of useful ramblings and thoughts! Well I say useful, but that all depends on what you find useful!
There’s a lot of stuff going on in my head right now, and has been for a little while, but some things should stay there, and won’t be broadcast to the world (or at least the few people that read this). Got a few sport-related bits as usual, work as well, and some other bits.
To start with the most important thing, West Ham! It’s summer, which means the transfer rumour mill is in full flow, and you can never tell what’s right and what isn’t! With us being relegated there were bound to be players leaving, but I didn’t expect to be bringing in a player of the calibre of Kevin Nolan! That was a great bit of business by the Davids and of course Big Sam! I am optimistic for next season, but of course there is a long way to go and plenty of football to be played until I can relax again! T…