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A Week To Focus

Its been a while since my last entry, and i thought it was about time i did another one to update everything!I am back at work this week after having 7 days off, and as always it was tough getting up for the early shift after a week of sleeping in! I needed the week off, didn't do a huge amount of stuff, but was able to chill out, think about everything that's gone on recently and prioritise a few things. It was almost like a detox for my head, certainly not for my liver though! Went to see West Ham on Wednesday, the less said about that experience the better, and went to 2 Concord Rangers home games, which also didn't end too well! Friday was the interesting one though, as me and Ben played in a charity darts night in Farringdon. It was a great laugh, and got more out of the night than expected. Great bunch of lads, a top laugh was had, and we won 3 of our 5 matches, one of which being a sort of West Ham - Orient grudge match! Ok so we didn't make it past the first ro…

New Season, New Start, Same Old West Ham?

After seeing the result of West Ham’s first game of the season this year, first impressions would be that the title of this blog is spot on. Well I beg to differ, if only in a small way.
Yes the first result of the season wasn’t the way we wanted to start things, especially if Big Sam is right in that we can only lose around 8 games if we want to earn promotion at the first attempt. But there are many ways to look at Sundays’ game and see what we can learn from it. Starting with the negatives I guess, and it has to be the glaringly obvious lack of firepower the team has up front. Our two fit strikers (Carlton Cole and Fredric Piquionne) were ineffective against Cardiff, having a few chances but not really coming close on any of them. To win games you quite simply have to score more goals than your opponents, and as was the problem last year, we cannot score the goals. Strikers are a priority and supposedly have been all summer, however only now has someone been signed, John Carew, the …

A Tough Week All Round

Proper blog time once again, some of you may be relieved as I wont talk about football in this post, mainly because I’ve got a whole separate entry coming after this focusing on West Ham! But I have a few other bits to talk about, and it won’t be about sport!
Obviously first of all I will quickly mention a recent event in my life. Some of you already know, but I recently split up with Gemma, my long term girlfriend of 4 years. We remain good friends, as we still get on great, and we still talk to each other regularly. That’s all I will say though, as to be honest there are some things that should remain private, the reasons etc are down to us and nobody else. I thank you all for your understanding!
Moving onwards and I can’t really ignore the big topic that has been a big part of the news this past week, the civil unrest across the whole of England. Now I don’t claim to know all the details, I only can go by what I read and see, and form my own opinions, just as you can, so I may have t…