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It's Been A While

Exactly as the title states, it has been a while since I posted a blog, with the previous one being a review of the Pure Festival weekend. Since then not too much has happened i guess, but enough to think i should start blogging again after a short break!

First up, I'll pick up where i left off last time, on the subject of whisky. Last year i spent £95 on a ticket for a premium whisky tasting, giving me unlimited tastings, a two course meal, and all in all a fantastic experience. Well the show returned this year, and was based at Vinopolis by London Bridge. Instead of paying out myself though for the ticket, it was given to me as a birthday present by my mum and nan. As part of this, i got to take my Uncle Brian with me, who himself enjoys a whisky or two, but hasn't had the experience of a tasting like this featuring some of the  worlds best whiskies.

So off we went, with me knowing to an extent what was coming, and my uncle looking forward to the experience ahead. For Brian …