Thursday, 19 January 2012

Football, American Football, Oh and A Bit Of Darts

Ok so for those that are interested, this is the blog entry concentrating fully on sport, as i know i can have a tendency to fill my regular blogs up with it!

Where to start? I guess it should be West Ham, and I'll be off to see them play this Saturday against Forest. A good result combined with a Southampton loss will put us top of the Championship, which would be absolutely fantastic! Promotion should be our focus this season, and it certainly seems to be the case. We're still lacking in quality strikers, but with the January transfer window currently open we can only hope DG & DS work some magic and bring someone in. We've been lucky too, as when we slipped up in the league, so did the teams around us, so we haven't lost any ground!

To football of the non-league variety now, and i continue to spend what time i can at the Aspect Arena watching Concord Rangers play! You may remember there was the small matter of a Canvey Island derby match on Boxing Day? Well following on from last seasons victories, Concord visited Canvey at Park Lane and again walked away with 3 points, this time thanks to goals from Harry & James Elmes. We've had a couple of slips since then, but a solid win last weekend has the team in good spirits before this weekends away game. The next home game will be the week after on Saturday 28th, if anyone fancies coming along? If you do, don't stand near me as supposedly i try to start fights/rows with the opposition bench!

Its the business end of the season in the NFL, the Jets missed out on the playoffs thanks to some poor results late in the year, and the whole team seem to be going against one another! That should stop soon! The New York Jets have been subject to a lot of rumours today, as tomorrow sees the announcement of the teams coming to London for the NFL International Series, and the rumours are that it'll be St Louis hosting the Jets! This would be a dream come true for me, having seen my favorite NBA team here a few years back i have been waiting for a chance to see the Jets! Fingers crossed they are part of the announcement tomorrow!

There is the small matter of the Superbowl in little over 2 weeks as well. The two teams taking part will be decided this Sunday in the Conference Championship games, i have my preferences but to be honest i will just enjoy watching the game on Feb 4th! Last year i was lucky enough to watch it at the IndigO2 with two friends at the Superbash event. We'll be applying for tickets when they are available, hopefully this weekend, and fingers crossed again that i get the chance to experience the Bash once more. It was superb last year and i am sure this year will be even better!

The Friday night darts league is still going well, our first game of the year happened on the 6th Jan, and we managed to pull off a 6-4 home win! I was well chuffed too as i won my doubles match 2-1 and then won my singles match 2-0! Was a great result for the lads and takes us to 3 on the season. Last week they earned a draw, but we will be looking for win number 4 tomorrow night for sure!

So that's the sporting stuff on my mind at the moment, the NBA season is underway but other than the Chicago Bulls winning like they were last season there isn't much to tell you! If you've managed to wade through this much waffle on the sports i love, then thank you!

Doing It Again!

As seems to be the case with me lately, i write a few quick blog entries, then wait weeks with nothing, then do another couple in quick succession! Well this is the first in another set of blogs, this one on me and how things are in general, the others will be sport & whisky based as per usual! Nothing too out of the ordinary i don't think!

So what to start with? Well this is the first entry of 2012 so i guess i should really say happy new year! The festive period was a relatively chilled one for me, spent a lot of time with the family over both xmas and new year, and took the time to relax and put everything that has happened over the last year to bed. Also spent a fair bit of time watching Concord Rangers, but that's for another entry!

The new year hasn't really started much differently to the last though. The situation at work is slightly different, as this time last year i was just starting in the control room, and of course now i am settled in and have a few projects coming my way to do with improving things and of course the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics, i know its one of the biggest events this country has seen in years, if not the biggest ever, but i can't say i am too worried! I'll be working most of the way through it, so other than being busier at work i won't see much of a change!

Obviously i start this year as a single man for the first time in about 6 years, that was a different feeling that's for sure! I am pleased to still have the ex as a friend, and hopefully that'll continue through 2012! We actually met up the other day which was good, and bumping into the old faces we both used to see was nice as well! I also started this year on a much better footing with my friend up in Doncaster, last year was pretty much spent rebuilding the bridges that had collapsed the year before, and although it'll never quite be the same, i am glad I've got my friend back.

I've got things to see, watch and visit planned for this year, whisky shows, football matches, the superbowl, the NFL London game, railsports and of course the emerald isle, mainly to see my friends who moved out there last year. In the process of getting a new car, well not a new one, just another cheap motor like my current one that i can run into the ground over the next few years! Not going for a big car like my Mondeo though this time!

The whole family seem to be doing ok, not much is changing at the moment in that respect, well except for my sisters moods! I guess that's what we get for having a teenage sister eh?

Anyway, 2011 was an interesting one to say the least, it had a lot of ups and downs, here's hoping that 2012 has more ups than downs overall! Thank you for reading!

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