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March Madness

Over in the states there is a period of College Basketball called March Madness, this highlights the end of the season and the huge knockout tournament that takes place to determine the NCAA champs for the year. I mention this as I have found March to be particularly hectic with a lot going on both personally and in the sports I follow, hence that being the title of this latest blog entry.
For me it’s been all over the place this month, starting with Darts doubles tournament in the league I play in. I was paired with fellow team member Luke, and after a shaky start we won our opening round match quite easily. It all fell apart in the 2nd round though, as we were drawn against two other members of our own team! We went into the match far too settled and ended up losing, but it was still a good night all the same. I reckon Luke’s mind was elsewhere though, as the following Monday he flew away to get married! Anyway the darts “action” continued through the month, with the final league ga…

Me, myself and I, a self-centered update!

So we're well into March already, hard to believe the time is flying by so quickly! Of course as the time ticks on it brings one event closer and closer, the London 2012 Olympics. Now don't get me wrong, its a once in a lifetime event which will be absolutely huge for London and the UK in general. However, its a bloody pain in the arse for many of us working in and around the capital. So many extra contingency plans get put in place, extra hours worked, extra responsibilities given, and those with tickets will struggle to get the time off to use them! So to be honest i just can't wait for the whole thing to be done and dusted! Well that's the Olympic rant done with. Sure it'll be a great spectacle, but not for me!Moving swiftly on, some of you may know i got off my arse a couple of weeks back and actually bought a new car. Well i say new, its new for me! The old red Mondeo was scrapped in early February, after around 5 years service it did me proud for just 500 qui…