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Slacking off!

What can i say, i seem to be getting a bit slack with blogs lately, i wish i could say it was because i am busy, but i recently had 8 days off work so i can't really use that excuse! Plenty has been going on though, and i thought it time to share that with your good selves! We'll get the boring bit out of the way first, work! With less than 100 days till the London Olympics everything is go at the moment, which in a way is great as there's no dull moments, but it can get a bit much at times. I've said it before & I'll say it again, sooner the Olympics are over the better! One bonus though is the focus on my dept has improved our conditions, we've got support, & a pay rise coming too! I started spending some of the upcoming cash recently, as previously mentioned i had 8 days off work starting Easter Monday. Now that day saw the 4th Canvey Island non-league derby take place. Now although Canvey beat Concord for the first time, it was a good day & it w…