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They just keep getting churned out!

Blogs, something i tend to do whenever the feeling hits, which generally is every few weeks or so! anyone who wishes to read this stuff on a regular basis, well i suggest following me on twitter (@Bulljet) as that is just a mini version of these blogs really! Anyway, last time i was typing away here, it was talking about what a day i had at Wembley for West Hams playoff victory. So you can see, regularity is not my strong point with these!Plenty seems to be going on lately, and it just makes you think that you need to get off your arse and do something about it. Take for example my home life, mum's partner has moved in, and no question he has made the whole place more miserable. Mum doesn't seem to see it, but its petty and winds us up the wrong way. In the space of a week, he pissed off all 3 of us, well to be honest it was even less than that! Of course this has led to my mum getting left out, as we all stick to ourselves even more now. Anyway the point is that its woken me …