Wednesday, 27 June 2012

They just keep getting churned out!

Blogs, something i tend to do whenever the feeling hits, which generally is every few weeks or so! anyone who wishes to read this stuff on a regular basis, well i suggest following me on twitter (@Bulljet) as that is just a mini version of these blogs really! Anyway, last time i was typing away here, it was talking about what a day i had at Wembley for West Hams playoff victory. So you can see, regularity is not my strong point with these!

Plenty seems to be going on lately, and it just makes you think that you need to get off your arse and do something about it. Take for example my home life, mum's partner has moved in, and no question he has made the whole place more miserable. Mum doesn't seem to see it, but its petty and winds us up the wrong way. In the space of a week, he pissed off all 3 of us, well to be honest it was even less than that! Of course this has led to my mum getting left out, as we all stick to ourselves even more now. Anyway the point is that its woken me and Ben up, we know we need to start getting a move on, quite literally actually! We both earn decent wages, and need to look at how much a mortgage can get for us.

All that waffle for one little point at the end, i know i can go on a bit in these things! Other than that, work is getting busier and busier, more test events and preparations for the Olympics going on, which just means more people are worrying and causing hassle! I've said it before and I'll say it again, the sooner the Olympics are done, the better!

That would normally lead me on to some stuff about sport, but as the main seasons i follow are all out at the moment, there ain't much to say about it. Of course there has been the European Championships, but i think anyone who has watched it would know its not worth talking about!

This past weekend i was back in Blackpool for the 3rd time in as many years playing Darts in the Railsport Games. It was a heavy weekend, a lot of drinking was done, and a lot of laughs were had. But to be honest the details are best kept to those that were there! What happens in Blackpool, stays in Blackpool :-)

That was just a quick catch up of things, ideas have been flooding in today as to what to write about, so don't be surprised if another load of waffle appears here over the next day or two, got some whisky bits to jot down soon too! I know, i can sense the anticipation! Thanks for reading if you've managed this far!

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