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Living My Life Online

Living life online, I remember not so long ago when spending too much time online would lead to funny looks and you being abused or derided for not being very social. Well although there is still an element of that around, as time moves forward more and more people spend more time online and it’s become so much more acceptable. And to be completely honest, I am one of those people spending more time in an online world.
Gradually as I’ve got older I have spent an increasing amount of my time online, even more so over the past year or so with twitter being the main forum for it so to speak. But it didn’t start that way, through school the extent of my net use was a hotmail email account, sending crap to my mates and vice versa! Towards the end of school and as I increased my net usage, I signed up to a forum which focused on wrestling. Now at the time I was a big grap fan, and this allowed me to meet or at least just converse with other like-minded individuals. Through that forum I met …

Preseason Preparations

Pre-season can be a complicated time for football fans, now you may wonder why I say that when it should probably be the simplest of times for the sport, well I shall explain! For Concord Rangers, West Ham United and every other club at every level, pre-season is a mixture of things which mean that fans emotions can be put through the wringer even more than during the season! Now a big part of preseason is to ensure that the players you have are fit and match ready after a summer off work. The clubs want to see that their players have not overdone it on holiday or had 5 too many burgers, and make sure that they will be competitive during the coming season. Fans agree with this, and want to see the best players get the run out during the games, hopefully leading to moral-boosting victories before the regular season kicks off.
In contrast, there is also the need to trial new players, young players from the youth academy or players that may not have been with a club the previous season. …

Away Trips & Derby Days, Here Come The Fixtures!

Friday the 13th, a day of perceived bad luck, maybe that’s why the people behind the Ryman Isthmian league chose this date to unleash the upcoming seasons fixtures onto the teams and fans? Anyway, the day of fixtures being released is an exciting one for teams and fans alike, both looking to see who they open the season against, who they will take on to end the season, and of course when the local derbies will be fought! I say fought, I mean played, but some derbies can see emotions run high both on and off the pitch, as I am sure you all know!

So as a Concord Rangers fan my attention was on the release of the Ryman Isthmian Premier fixtures released at midday. This year we’ve got 6 new teams to face, 2 promoted from the Ryman South (Bognor Regis and Whitehawk), 2 from the Ryman North (Leiston and Enfield Town), and 2 relegated from the Conference South (Hampton & Richmond Borough and Thurrock). We meet a newly promoted team on the first day of the season as Bognor Regis come to …

The Winds Of Change Run Through Canvey Island

As a football fan, the summer is normally the worst time for every one of us. It’s the empty space where nothing really happens until July kicks in and transfers start to get agreed and signed. But to be honest, even in the top flight with transfers it can be very quiet. Non-league though, that’s a different story. Now I’ve been getting back into non league football over the past few years, and this summer is the first where I’ve really been a part of what is happening and seen some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. It’s been a hell of a lot livelier than any off-season I’ve seen as a West Ham fan (well maybe except for when we signed Tevez & Mascherano).
First off there was the great news that as a team Concord had secured the services for the coming season of players like Tony Stokes, Harry Elmes, Reece Harris, Arthur Lee and Kurt Robinson. Kenny Brown, a former West Ham player, had also joined the club as an assistant manager to Danny Cowley, after Danny Scopes had de…

Remembering The Lost - 7/7

It’s not quite the 7th yet, but after seeing tweets regarding a program on the events of 7/7 last night, it got me thinking about what happened on that day 7 years ago. It was a horrific day for London and the people who are a part of it, many were killed and thousands more were affected in some way by it. It’s a day that will continue to live on in the memory of everyone who played a part, whether you were travelling on the tube nearby, whether you were at work, or whether you were just watching at home.
Me, well I remember how the day went fairly clearly. It sticks in my mind as I was based at Fenchurch Street station along with my mum and my brother! That morning my mum was at Fenchurch, and my brother was at Limehouse, both on the early shift, whilst I was due to start at 2 for the late shift. I was 21 years old, a temporary supervisor, having stepped up for 6 months, and plodding along nicely. That morning I got a message from a friend of mine, Lucy, about what had happened, and I…