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The Magic Of The FA Cup!

For the majority of football fans that follow teams in the leagues above the conference, the FA Cup is a competition that starts in the middle of November (even January for the Premiership & Championship fans) and runs through to the final in May at the end of the season. Little do these league football fans know about the effort that is put in by non-league teams hoping to make the first round proper!
Before the first round is even thought of, there are 6 different qualification rounds of matches! The first preliminary round (Extra Preliminary) takes place way back in August, with teams such as Wootton Bassett Town (beating Calne Town 4-2) and Thrapston Town (beating Cogenhose United 2-0) taking part. This is where many of the dreams and journeys begin for clubs as low as step 7 in the non-league structure. Another Prelim round then takes place in late August still featuring teams from step 7 up to step 4, which hold leagues such as the Sussex County League, Kent Invicta League, …

The NFL is back in business

The NFL season is now two weeks old, so in time honoured tradition i thought it was about time i put my oar in and talk about what I've seen so far around the league. The early weeks are always tough to call as teams are still fresh, not always tight as a unit & the rookies are making their first NFL starts/appearances. Bearing that in mind i think I've personally learned a few things from these two weeks.First up, my New York Jets are both better and worse than they were in preseason (which to be honest was diabolical). Week 1 the Jets came out and pretty much demolished the Buffalo Bills before the first half was done! Mark Sanchez looked sharper than he had in some time, the WRs were getting open (especially rookie Stephen Hill, who picked up 2 touchdowns), the defence was strong (Cro grabbed a pick-6), and special teams did their bit too (Kerley returned a punt for a TD). Apart from taking the foot off the gas as the game went on, it was a great win for New York, surpr…