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Who's With Us In The Conference South?

With Concord Rangers being promoted last season (still struggle to take that in sometimes!) and making their way into the Conference South, I thought it best to have a quick glance at some of the teams (and in turn lengthy journeys) we’ll have the pleasure of enjoying next season! Please note that mileages & journey times are estimates found online, and I am using the initial FA team placement to identify our opponents, the league set-up will be ratified at the AGM later next month.
I’ll start close to home, and the closest team are one that we’ve become accustomed to playing in cup competitions over the years, Chelmsford City. Just 20 minutes down the road, we’ve played & beaten them in the Isthmian Cup this past season and in the Essex Senior Cup the season before. Back in 2009 they beat us to win the Essex Senior Cup that season, so it’s been back and forth over the years. The Clarets are currently without a manager, but by the time the season begins they are bound to be bac…

Back To Basics

It’s been some time since I wrote a personal blog, strange considering I used to do them on a regular basis. But to be honest most of the time over the past year I’ve been writing about Concord Rangers and the hell of a season the club and everyone associated with it has had. It’s not been a bad thing, football helped keep my mind off issues at home with my mum & her partner, and stopped me writing pages of emotional issues!

So before I drift into that of which I have been avoiding, things are a lot steadier and more relaxed now in my personal life. Myself and my youngest brother Ben moved out of the “family” home (I say family like that because of the issues we had and that I continue to have) at the end of February, the date set by ourselves as a target after a conversation with our mum late last year. We’ve moved to a decent 2-bed flat in Basildon, right near the station & town centre so everything we need is right there on our doorstep. Admittedly took a while to settle i…

Beachboys In The Conference South!

Football has an amazing effect on your emotions & your physical state, and never is it more apparent then during the business end of the season!
So Monday 6th May started like any other day, except full of nerves and a distinct lack of sleep because of it. History had already been made by Concord Rangers this season with the highest league position and the Ryman League Cup victory, but today was a chance to add to that in spectacular fashion by winning promotion to the Conference South. Win or lose though, it had been a brilliantly successful season for the Beachboys and the lads could be proud of what they had already achieved.
The players coach left Thames Road just after 9:30, and so begun the long slog up the A12 towards the days opponents, Lowestoft Town, themselves a team who were making their 3rd consecutive appearance in the Ryman Playoff final. The mood was jovial to be fair, a bit of nervous excitement around, but that was eased midway through the journey as we descended…