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Still Smiling!

Been very quiet on the old blogging front of late, I think that’s because of three main reasons. The first is that football season is still a few weeks away, the second is work being busier and more active, and third, and probably most importantly, I’m content and plodding along nicely through life.

Most of my blogs over the past year or so have revolved around football, many of which focusing on Concord Rangers and the journey I had the pleasure of being a part of last season. It has been easy to write/type about the experiences as part of the club, as it was something I felt passionate about. I have mentioned it before, but the way the club welcomes you in, the family atmosphere which resonates throughout the club, it’s not hard to see why it breeds such loyalty and emotion. This coming season Concord Rangers embark on their debut season in the “ Conference South”, just 2 promotions away from league football. Some people say that the lads are punching above their weight at…

Training With The Beachboys

Concord Rangers have begun preseason training ready for their inaugural Conference South season, and with the new division comes a new training ground. Previously training on 3G in Brentwood, this season the Beachboys have moved to a facility in Basildon. This just happens to be about a 30 minute walk from my flat, so with that in mind I decided to take a stroll (smoking a rather nice Montecristo No. 4 whilst doing so) and take the chance to watch the team train.
First impressions of the facility was that it was very well maintained. The owners of the facility are Fords, and as they sponsored the Beachboys last season on the home kit, it’s easy to see where the connection came from. There’s a vast field to be used, with the standard boxes already marked out, & pitch markings to come within the next week. The majority of cones etc had already been set up by the time I arrived just after 19:00, with nearly everyone there ready to get involved with what Danny Cowley had lined up. Now…