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Ebbsfleet United, Vanarama South, 280315

Football, the beautiful game, it’s the sport we love which provides us with a never ending rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. It also provokes opinions, and in many cases vastly differing ones between fans, players and officials alike.I’m lucky enough to be able to voice my opinions here in the matchday programme and on the official website, and I try not to take that for granted. By putting my opinions (positive or negative) on show in these forms I am representing the club, so whilst honest, I wont be swearing or using some descriptive terms that I may use on a face to face basis! Of course we also form opinions on opposition clubs and their fans, and that’s what has got me typing today. We’re a small, niche club with our loyal band of followers, we thrive on that and the fact that opposition teams underestimate us when they hear the name Concord Rangers. When the inevitable upset occurs and our “small club” pick up a result, it tends to bring us a lot of animosity from fans. N…