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New Faces, New Names, New Season

After what can only be described as an incredible second season at Step 2 of the non league pyramid, there’s some key changes that will be in place for our third year of football at this level.The first change, and most obvious, is that we will not be playing Conference South football in 2015/16! The Football Conference along with Vanarama have rebranded the three leagues in Step 1 & 2, with all reference to the “Conference” being removed. The top tier of non league will now be called the Vanarama National League, with the level below being the National League South & National League North. Personally I don’t understand the branding of the North & South divisions; it’s not national if it only covers one half of the country!One of the biggest changes for Concord Rangers as a club is of course the management setup within the team. I would like to thank both Danny & Nicky Cowley for all they’ve contributed to the club over the years they’ve been here, and the same goes fo…