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If You Choose Not To Decide, You Still Have Made A Choice

Life is a wonderful thing, and it's amazing when you look at it how so many seemingly small decisions can end up having long lasting and almost life changing consequences.
I look at a few key moments actually that have played a part in putting me where I am today and having some of the experiences that I have over the past few years. I know I've mentioned it before, but one tweet suggesting I go watch Concord Rangers was essentially the start of what has been a 6 year journey as part of a club I now see as family. Back then, I would never have even had a thought that a) I would fall in love with the club as much as I did, b) I would become good friends with the players & people around it, and c) that I'd end up being a committee member and editor of the matchday programme. The experiences that have come my way can essentially all be traced back to going to that first game.
It hasn't stopped there though, the team is on the verge of their 4th cup final in as many y…

Beautiful Bruges, Where Next?

I'm writing this just over 24 hours after returning home from a couple of days in Bruges, a couple of days away where I could chill out, take in the sights and clear my head of any issues that have been bugging me recently (all work, so nothing too major).

Bruges, for those that don't know, is a city in Belgium, about an hour by train from Brussels, and overall about 3 hours journey from London via the Eurostar. It's one that has a rich and diverse heritage, with various influences that have shaped its style over its history (Flanders/Flemish, French, Dutch etc). Up until this past week, all I'd seen of Bruges was pictures on the tv, and mostly from the film "In Bruges" (one I'd highly recommend you watch too), but that was enough for it to be high on my list of cities to visit and experience.

(As a background, early last year I made a mental list of cities I wished to visit and see now that I have a) the time, b) the money and c) the motivation. Rome, th…