Thursday, 17 November 2016

New York, New York, New York

So, New York, the city that never sleeps, so good they named it twice etc, you've heard all the quotes and descriptors about the place over the years, but to me it's just the city I don't think I will ever get bored of seeing.

I've been there 5 times now, twice staying in Manhattan and for the last 3 times staying just across the state line in Newark, New Jersey (as it's closer to Metlife stadium, the home of the New York Jets), and I don't plan on ending this tradition any time soon (unless of course money or some other situation means I physically have to). Each time I've gone, I've seen or been to something different, and that's probably one of the key reasons why I keep going back, there is always something more, something still left to see and experience.

This time was no different, for example on the Saturday morning of this trip I went back to the site of the World Trade Centre memorial and visited the One World Observatory. This is floors 100-102 of One World Trade Centre, the first new building on the site of the old World Trade Centre. From this floor you get a full, uninterrupted 360 degree view of Manhattan, the surrounding boroughs and over the river to New Jersey, providing the weather is clear. Thankfully on this occasion it was, and the view was truly incredible, breathtaking even.

It's not just the things I see on these trips though, it's the people I meet and friendships I make, which have been due to, in a big part, the New York Jets. Ok so this season the team suck and are playing poorly, but that doesn't detract from the fans essentially being a family, and being a part of that is a hell of a feeling. The first two games it was the guys at the L7 tailgate, and in that second year it was the guys I was sitting with, Kyle, Brian & uncle Ken. On the day I arrived this year I caught up with Kyle, had a cracking steak dinner (one of those where you cook the filet mignon yourself on the crazy hot stone), and ended up drinking beer whilst taking part in a local quiz night (didn't win fuck all though).

It's not just the natives as such either, this year a couple of other guys were on a similar package to myself with Sports Travel Tours, and sharing first the New Jersey Devils game (Devils beat the Sabres 4-2) then the Jets tailgate and game (we lost 9-6) was great fun. Myself and one of the other guys also got a private tour of Metlife stadium, which was superb. Seeing the press box, all the (expensive) suites, and walking out on to the field & standing on the 50 yard line where those players I watch each week have stood countless times before was something very special.

It's not just New York that keeps bringing me back I guess, it's the whole package of the trip I have when I go, and this years visit was no different, hell just look at the pictures I stuck on FB! I plan on continuing to return to New York & New Jersey for a long time yet.

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