Friday, 16 December 2016

Why Wait?

I have just one question, quite simply, why wait?

From as far back as late September we've seen plenty of Xmas adverts and sections in shops set up ready for people to buy their gifts and food for the festive season. It's the same every year, and seems to get earlier and earlier each time. Yes that bugs me, but that isn't the basis of this blog, that's coming now.....

Since about the same time as we started seeing the rumblings of Christmas and the festive period, I started to see stuff on social media from people proclaiming that 2017 will be their year, that 2016 has sucked and next year will be the one for them.

There's no denying that some events this year have been shit, a lot of people have been taken from us, there's been a number of atrocities across the world, then there's the fact that Brexit & Trump have divided opinions across the land. But then a lot of that can't be controlled by you and I, we have control of our own lives, making it our own and doing what we want to do with our time/money/effort.

And on that note, I don't get why the general feeling is to wait until a new year to make a change. That's just a number, another one added to the constant passing of time, events are different admittedly, a family member passing, dealing with a terminal illness, those can make you switch up your ideals and make a change, but the changing of a year? It's essentially the same as the passing of a minute, of another hour. And that prompts my question, why wait?

Why wait until the next year to get into gear and change things? Why wait until the next year to start putting effort in or making the most of the time we have? Don't get me wrong, I am no inspirational case, but I realised something a few years back, we don't have all the time in the word, we have to make the most of the time we have and work to do that.

For me, that's visiting new cities I've always wanted to go to, taking in experiences like my now repeated visits to New York, making sure that I have time for my friends and family, and that I work enough to make all that possible, hell it's even going to the gym to (slightly) improve my fitness. Did I wait for a new year to do that? No, I realised I had the ability to do it, that if I made the effort then I could make the most of the time I have, that thought didn't miraculously appear as the clock switched from 2015 into 2016!

So there it is, why wait? Why wait until there's a new year on the calendar to do what you want? Do it now, start the work now, make now worth enjoying rather than waiting for a distant date in the future. 2017 is your year? Bullshit, now is your time!

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