Sunday, 5 March 2017

The 2 Year Itch?

A little over 2 years ago at work, myself, my boss, and our operational colleagues worked on and then implemented a reorganisation of the control room. Merging the two controls together, adapting the tasks and setting a new structure up which (we thought) would be ideal for when the company changed ownership at the end of 2017.

At the time, during the process of the reorg, my mind was all over the shop. Admittedly there was personal issues with the person I was seeing for two months of the time, but that aside, I was ready to step down from managing people and move into a job that was just a job. I thought long and hard about it and was very close to doing it, but a couple of conversations with my boss at the time led me to give this new managerial role that we'd created in the restructure a go.

During one of those conversations it was said that if after 6 months I wasn't happy, didn't like the job, he'd back me and let me drop back into the role I was originally planning on going for.

Well when the time came, that proviso wasn't needed as I came to enjoy the job, loved managing the team I had and over time had picked up a lot of additional operational knowledge which had been one of my concerns going in. I spoke to said boss about this too, and he said that the proviso was bollocks any way!

Fast forward two years, and we're going through an overhaul of the structure yet again. The big difference this time though is that it's being done by a new company in charge with their own ideas and challenges, by people who are essentially total strangers to how the business has operated for the past 7 years (even though they were part owners). There's also the fact that last time round, us within the control were a part of it, we led the changes, this time that isn't entirely the case.

And here's what I'm getting at, from what admittedly limited knowledge I currently have of the new structure, the same thoughts are kicking in from 2 years ago. Drop down, avoid the extra responsibility and putting my head further into the line of fire, avoid taking the chance of moving into a role I don't enjoy as much as I do now, and take a job I know I can do well, and that won't be the focus of the higher ups.

The boss that talked me round last time has moved on, funny enough just last week, and a big part of that is because of the new guys in charge, which doesn't set the greatest tone for what may be ahead. So I'm thinking about what comes next, we find out Tuesday how the new structure will look, so that's when the decisions will need to start being made. A lot of the jobs will probably just switch over, some will have to be reapplied for, we'll see how the pieces fall I guess....

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