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The 2 Year Itch?

A little over 2 years ago at work, myself, my boss, and our operational colleagues worked on and then implemented a reorganisation of the control room. Merging the two controls together, adapting the tasks and setting a new structure up which (we thought) would be ideal for when the company changed ownership at the end of 2017.
At the time, during the process of the reorg, my mind was all over the shop. Admittedly there was personal issues with the person I was seeing for two months of the time, but that aside, I was ready to step down from managing people and move into a job that was just a job. I thought long and hard about it and was very close to doing it, but a couple of conversations with my boss at the time led me to give this new managerial role that we'd created in the restructure a go.
During one of those conversations it was said that if after 6 months I wasn't happy, didn't like the job, he'd back me and let me drop back into the role I was originally plannin…