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10 Albums?

So I recently got tagged in this Top 10 Albums thing that has been going around on Facebook, and as I don't always have the energy or the memory to keep something like this going for 10 days straight, I thought I would save time and put ten memorable and special albums into one short blog... First up, it's the self titled album by Tenacious D. The first gig me and my brothers went to as a trio was these guys, the album is hilarious and musical, and if you can't register a smile after listening to Tribute, Wonderboy and Fuck Her Gently, then there's something wrong with you! Next, who doesn't love a bit of Europop eh? Ace of Base are one of my guilty pleasures I guess, but I loved this album, and still do. The group may have changed on their latest release (which admittedly was nearly a decade ago), but I have all 5 of their albums, and this still holds firm as my favourite of the bunch Originally just the DJ for Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker finally branched out on his …